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The device-independend trashcan for AmigaOS®





Latest changes:

Charts 1/6/2000
Download 1/6/2000
Future 1/6/2000
History 1/6/2000
Registration 1/6/2000
Screenshots 1/6/2000

Actual version in progress:

Version 1.5 - alpha 1: 25/7/1999.

Latest updates

GlobalTrashClient V1.5a1
(20/3/2000 - 3,268 Byte)
Catalog: "slovak"
(20/3/2000 - 8,814 Byte)

GlobalTrash V1.4
(28/5/1999 - 379,670 Bytes)

Delete-Patch V0.12
(3/3/1999 - 15,029 Bytes)

Latest aminet-release:

Version 1.4 - uploaded 4/6/1999.


Latest announcements

  • GlobalTrash welcomes its 600rd registered user ! (31/8/99)
    Many thanks to all registered users and especially to those who helped me to delvelop GlobalTrash !!

  • The official address of the english support-pages is:

  • Beta-tester wanted:
    If you want to be a beta-tester for GlobalTrash and want to receive the newest (non public) alphas/betas via eMail, simply contact me via eMail.



A big Lack of the AmigaOS-Workbench is the trashcan-system.
It simply moves files in a specific directory of a volume and adds a new menuentry for this specific directories. A volume-independed trashcan isn't existing as long as many features that are important for a efficient usage.

In the Aminet there are multiple programms, which create one appicon on the workbench and so combine the multiple volumes.
Every programm has its superior feature but no one has the really important features combinded. And there are a lot of important features I never found in any of this programms.

So I decided to write a new one with all this features.

Here are the highlights...


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