The device-independend trashcan for AmigaOS®


The future

Planned features introduced with version:


  • Optimise the writing of the indexfile (just write changes).
  • New command: execution of a filetype-command (e.g. 'MultiView).
  • Loadable (and choosable) fileimages. Different templates for 8 (MWB ?), 16 (NI ?) and 256 colors.
  • More fileimages and -types. (maybe someone send me some suggestions ?).


  • Optional patch of the Delete()-function.
  • Configuration of specific tasks and paths (the files deleted by this tasks or from theses paths won't go to the trash and will be deleted immediatly).


  • Introduction of an absolutely global trashcan (one directory for multiple devices).
  • ...

Further I want to improve the following (not everything listed here):

  • Codeoptimisation especially on all output-methods (text, listview).

  • Ability to specify a size (absolutely or relatively) for maximum usage of the trashcan on each volume. Automatically deletion of the oldest files when the trashcan uses more than the given size.

  • This program is in development currently - good suggestions are always welcome!

Suggestions of (registered) useres are (not everything listed here)
(the valuation is my personal priority):

  • (Optional) automatical compression of the files going into the trashcan and decompression of files to be restored/viewed (with XPK for example).
  • Recognition of the different filetypes with the help of the WhatIs.library (or else).

  • Selectable modification of the protection-bits (e.g. set the archiv- and delete-flag).
  • Modification of the expiration of selected files.

  • Select files with pattern-selection.
  • Play a sound when moving files to the trashcan or restoring some.
  • Possibility to have some directories in the trashcan which aren't deleted (but the contents will be processed).

  • If you want to have a specific feature to be implemented as soon as possible, you should send me a short note so that I can evaluate how many users need this feature. The more users a feature need the earlier it will be implemented. It is clear that I take into account if I got a little gift with the registration...

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